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PPC online advertising help boost businesses by increasing conversions and revenue with our PPC Management Services.

PPC management services are the key to growing businesses in Austin. PPC online advertising help boost businesses by increasing conversions and revenue with our PPC Management Services. We offer custom campaigns to increase your conversion rates and get more people to click on your Ads!

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Pay Per Click  Advertising

You might have seen PPC but don’t know what it is? From WEPOP Marketing, you’ll learn about the different types of advertising focusing on pay-per-click.

You will also get an introduction to some fundamental insights for doing well in this type of digital marketplace!

If your company needs help managing their paid search campaigns or if they want someone who knows how daunting these tasks can seem at first sight–we’ve got just the person (and solution) waiting right here 🙂

A lot of people think PPC advertising is a complicated endeavor. If you don’t set up your campaigns correctly, then it won’t take long before there’s no cash coming in from leads or sales – and that can be bad news for any business!

That said, other marketers agree with me about how vital pay-per-click management solutions are; they’re more cost-effective than most advertisers initially expect them to be when compared side by side with their competitors.

Why Do I Need PPC Management?

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, which means the possibilities for businesses are endless. However, increased marketing opportunities come with more significant challenges in this noisy world of information overload and social media trends.

The internet provides an opportunity like never before, but only if you’re ready to make it your own by utilizing all available channels correctly – otherwise known as “frequency.” The key to success? Being present online; staying connected!
Significant challenges online companies face:


Increased competition


Strict industry regulations


High digital ad spending


The surge in ad blockers


Elusive consumers


Changing customer demands


Varying market standards

Social media marketing is a big deal for businesses. Before, social platforms like Facebook allowed companies to reach millions of prospects worldwide at no cost- what could be better than that?

Over time though, these giants have started mounting regulations requiring advertisers to pay more so their content can get in front of customers.

But not all marketers have the capacity or resources necessary to be running campaigns on an ongoing basis which makes this issue rather significant.

Businesses of all sizes must have a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that includes web development and SEO in today’s competitive market.

The problem with these strategies, though, is they take time, effort, or capital before you see the results- which can be expensive considering how quickly things change on the internet!

That’s why many people turn towards pay-per-click advertising as an affordable yet effective solution where complete control lies within your hands while still acquiring positive business outcomes by targeting specific keywords based on what their audience search queries related to (ease).

How Do You Know If  SEO or PPC Is The Right Strategy?

Understanding your target demographics and analyzing their online activities is vital to determine whether organic search, PPC, or a combination of these digital marketing strategies is best to reach out to more people with an offer they’ll be interested in.

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SEO is good for increasing organic traffic, building brand awareness, and establishing online credibility. However, it can take up to six months before you see results with your SEO campaign because ranking on Google takes time.

SEO helps improve search engine rankings, translating into increased web page views or visits from people looking specifically for that content. The more successful pages rank for specific keywords in one year after publishing them versus others who have been active since day 1 – these top-performing sites only took 2-6 months total!

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Pay Per Click advertising

Over the years, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has proven its worth as one of the best and most cost-effective online marketing strategies.

PPC allows businesses to take charge of their ad spend while getting a targeted audience in front of them at just about any time for opportunities they may be interested in, making it an essential tool when looking into this type of business venture!

PPC also provides you with laser targeted visibility which speeds up customer’s buying journey by boosting conversions rates; not only does this make things easier (and faster), but more importantly: happier customers mean better word-of-mouth advertisement–making sure your brand stays top-notch among potential clients

In an ideal world, combined SEO and PPC advertising strategies work best at driving targeted results.

Integrated campaigns offer maximum visibility for your brand offerings by optimizing it on the search engines like Google or Bing, which will speed up customers’ buying journey while boosting conversion rates to ensure you get more sales in less time!

If, however, there’s not enough room left before launching a full-blown campaign, Pay per click marketing may be worth considering since these sites can provide quick wins with laser targeting capabilities, something we always want as marketers.

Leverage Google Ads

Whether you’re a small business looking for more clients or an entrepreneur with big dreams, WEPOP Marketing Agency offers the best Pay Per Click advertising. We have been in this industry long enough to know what works and how each model fits certain companies.

Whether they are large corporations trying out marketing strategies or contractors just getting started and need some help taking care of google ads behinds the scenes, they can focus solely on running one’s day job as smoothly as possible!

Success will come with quick results backed up by detailed reporting with us at your side. Until now, the successful campaign has passed without any problems whatsoever.

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

What Is Pay Per Click, and How to Grow Your Business With Optimized Paid Search Campaigns

You may not have heard of them, but a Google Merchant center report shows that 79% of marketers find pay per click advertising beneficial to their business.

And as if it were just any other type of paid advertising campaign–that means there’s potential for you! That leaves 21% who think otherwise and would instead stick with word-of-mouth or cable TV Ads.

If this isn’t enough data on its own, we also looked up what consumers themselves thought about PPC.

Approximately 62 percent said they’d continue increasing their spending in the coming years because people now know where they can go when searching online, whether looking for information related or Services near their home; relevant ads bring more business.

WePop PPC experts guide you to success by helping you understand the fundamentals of Pay per click.

Gain an understanding and learn how our PPC marketing agency can help achieve your goals, and perhaps you can give us insight into what the next big breakthrough to your business might be.

Paid search campaigns are an excellent way for advertisers looking into reaching new customers or expanding their customer base, as well as those managing large budgets who need more precise targeting options than traditional online advertising networks provide (eMarketer).

With so much information available today about all things related to your business, the right keywords will make all the difference.

What Is PPC Process

Pay-per-click marketing is a Google Ads paid search model used to build brand awareness, promote the advertiser’s offerings and gain immediate traction from specific audience segments. 

With PPC ads, you only pay each time your user clicks on them- hence the name pay per click (PPC). Since its inception, Google has been at the forefront of this advertising strategy in response to people getting bombarded by sponsored web pages when searching online.

With Google Ads, you can spend less time doing keyword research and more on your marketing strategy. With an ever-growing internet audience at every moment in the day, there’s no shortage of potential targeted audiences to reach.

The Pay per click model puts text ads strategically throughout various online platforms to make them apparent. When someone searches “keyword” or even sees something related across social media sites like YouTube – video ads will pop right up thanks to how well thought out this google display network is set up.

What Are The Different Types Of PPC Ads

Now that you know what paid ads search is, the next step is to understand the different PPC campaigns that can help your company build an online presence and promote its services.

We at our agency work closely together with clients like yourself by determining which online advertising model best suits their goals.

Whether increasing brand awareness or driving more visitors through conversion clicks on pages: phone call tracking and conversion for each purchase confirmation.

We offer many options for companies just like yours lets dive deeper into how each type works before deciding:

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Search Ads

Search ads are the most common form of paid search marketing. These ads appear on the search engine when you’re looking for something on Google or other sites and can be an effective way to find new prospects that might purchase your product/service in addition to converting them into customers!

A good rule-of-thumb: use these types only after much consideration because their shorter than average cycle times mean fewer opportunities per day compared with display advertising campaigns which will result in less daily traffic but higher clickthrough rates.

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Display Ads

Display advertising can be considered one of the most effective ways to reach out and communicate with more than 90% of all online users. Most display ads will appear on Google’s partner websites, targeting people who have visited industry-related sites stored within the googles search engine database.

These are often made-up panels that encourage users to click through, and then you get charged based on how many people clicked your ad for an amount set by bidding strategies.

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Google AdWords

The best way to get your business out there is with social ads. The fastest-growing segment of pay-per-click advertising services. They only appear on the side of search engine results. They take colossal ad space.

They can be tailored specifically for audiences based on hobbies or shopping habits–they carry a lower cost per click directly to your target audience.

Mentioning this will make people think about what type of ad would work well targeted towards them?

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC Ads are one of the increasingly popular services in online advertising. As an Amazon seller, these ads allow you to generate brand awareness and boost sales by placing sponsored advertisements on crucial locations throughout their platform’s site – WEPOP does this for our clients!

We leverage our experts’ technical knowledge regarding organizing your campaigns; they will increase profit margin significantly (and maybe even make some money themselves).

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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are an excellent way for eCommerce businesses with large product volumes.

They appear in the main Google search engine results, allowing prospects to view products and prices before they even click onto any website – which means every click you pay has a higher chance of converting!

Our PPC agency recommends these spots if your target customer intends to make a purchase right away or does not have time browsing through sites all day long looking around online stores.

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In-stream Ads

In the past, YouTube advertisers were placed on either side of videos or pre-recorded advertisements.

Now there are new options for branding your product with timely placement at natural breaks throughout content which have been given an extra boost by Facebook launching its ads – called “in-stream.”

It will allow companies to strategically place their brand within famous moments during video playback without stopping user interaction as they watch what’s being shown on their screen!

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail-sponsored promotions are an effective way to generate direct response leads. Unlike YouTube ads, GSP has a click-to-call ability that enables prospects and customers right in their inboxes!

Our PPC company sets up your campaign so you can maximize its targeting abilities while generating high-quality clicks for conversion at any point throughout the sales funnel.

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Local Services Ads

Local Service Ads are great for local businesses that want to reach their target demographics. With this model, you don’t have Pay per click or any other fees, leads!

Local services advertising is only applicable in select markets like HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths who need visibility among certain types of people to offer them the best service possible.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is the best way to get high-converting customers and double your turnover! Remarket ads are unique because they remind people who have already visited your website of what else you offer. This means less competition, making it more cost-effective for paid advertising.

We use intelligent ad formats with extensions on your google ads- these work together seamlessly to stay in front of highly targeted customer segments.

How Does PPC Work

With Google Ads, you can spend less time doing keyword research and more on your marketing strategy. With an ever-growing internet audience at every moment in the day, there’s no shortage of potential targeted audiences to reach.

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Understand Your Market

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The Long Run


Your Market

PPC advertising is a keyword-based marketing tactic. PPC campaign management services like Adwords assign values to positive keywords, negative keywords, search terms, and phrases based on their popularity.

Difficulty in targeting the right audience with your adverts for this specific word or phrase (i.e., competition level) and other factors that affect pricing structure(s).



The more advertisers compete over one particular term when bidding during an auction process called “competitive promoted positioning,” then higher up the page within Google’s search engine; they will show.



Google Pay per click and other PPC ads are subject to an automated process used by search engines.

The quality score is determined by how relevant your advertisement appears on their search engine results page (SERPs) and if it has valuable keywords or high CTRs (clickthrough rates).


The Long Run!

An excellent way to obtain this type of ad position would be with SEO optimizations.

Having strong landing pages that convert visitors into customers ultimately sends that information back to Google’s ranking algorithms. Advertisers get rewarded with more organic results than paid ones.

1 + 11 =

How We Help You Improve Your Quality Score

At WEPOP Marketing Agency, we determine your PPC search engine marketing (SEM) goals and establish a pay-per-click campaign structure to bring new visitors. Our agency will help you navigate the technicalities of optimizing Google Adwords with good ad copy to integrate it with SEO and other online campaigns effectively.

From helping businesses grow revenue streams through digital advertising to providing strategic guidance on how best to spend their resources in an ever-changing market – our team at Web pop has got this covered!

Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, which means the possibilities for businesses are endless. However, increased marketing opportunities come with more significant challenges in this noisy world of information overload and social media trends.

The internet provides an opportunity like never before, but only if you’re ready to make it your own by utilizing all available channels correctly – otherwise known as “frequency.”

The key to success? Being present online; staying connected!
Significant challenges online companies face:


Google gets more than 167 billion monthly searches (Search Engine Land)


PPC clicks convert at 1.5X the rate of organic search clicks (Moz)


The top three posts on SERPs get 46 percent of clicks (WordStream)


SEM allows you to target local communities online

PPC services are an excellent investment for any business looking to keep up with the competition.

With more online shoppers than ever before in 2021, you must have an effective advertising platform and pay per click campaign that can help your company stand apart from its competitors in this increasingly digital world of ours. Especially since there are no signs, shoppers will stop buying online Anytime soon!

You can’t afford to miss out on our Pay per click marketing agency. We’re the best in town, and we want you for your company!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What Is PPC?

PPC is the acronym for pay-per click. It’s a digital marketing tactic that buys web traffic to your website; you, as an advertiser, only pay when one of these user click your ad on their device or browser! Search engine advertising is the most popular form.

Google Ads was the first to introduce this online advertising model; still, other platforms now offer this PPC style, including Facebook with its model called Facebook Ads.

Users can promote themselves in search results through text posts & images, which are viewable directly against an ad campaign.

I’m sure advertisers love that feature because it’s cost-effective, promotes specific products within seconds.

Will my target market click on my online PPC ads?

Some people might be wondering if their target market will click on the online ads. The answer is a resounding “yes!” These targeted, paid-to-click advertisements are specifically designed to meet an exact audience and often account for around half of all page clicks compared to organic visitors who visit from search engine results alone.

In this case, it’s not about whether someone sees your ad – but rather what they do after seeing it? Users who choose these advertising ads tend to have already been searching in anticipation or desire for products/services similar to those you offer.

Why? Because search ads deliver users more relevant than ever before based upon keywords associated directly related to ones’ website content! With such powerful targeting capabilities at hand

how much does a PPC campaign cost?

PPC campaigns can be as cheap or expensive as you want them to be. The type of business and industry will determine the price per click (PPC). Expect a small-to-medium-size company with less than 100 employees in their marketing department to spend around $3k monthly for this service.

Alongside professional advice from an agency/account manager who handles everything PPC-related, such as creating ad copy, ad groups, ad extensions, the right keywords, relevant ads for targeting customers, etcetera.

How do I budget for my Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns?

We must calculate your Pay per click advertising costs based on your bid, targeting, and ad quality. The amount of money you’re willing to spend for a user’s click can vary depending on what precisely will convince them to click the ad in question.

It could end up being less than or more than the actual cost incurred when bidding goes through successfully but never exceeding their original outlay, which we arranged at the start as the minimum bid price allowed by Google AdWords.

It is not like you think you will spend $3k monthly; some months, people will click less than others; as your SEO Optimization continues, the clicks will get cheaper. Your profits will be enormous.

Why should I start Google Ads if I'm doing SEO?

Google Ads is a flexible online advertising method that lets you create and adjust your budget at any time. Most importantly, targeting ads only to the people most likely to purchase gives advertisers an edge over traditional campaigns or digital marketing strategies in terms of insight gained about user behavior through google analytics.

They thrive on fresh content, links from other sites, and text-based results page snippets appearing higher than images associated with some keywords.

SEO is a long game that picks up momentum as the month’s pass. if you have just built your site or redone your website, now is the perfect time to pair it with Pay per click advertising

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